“Roll up, roll up, roll up. Prepare to be slam dunked

into a world of breathtaking street theatre, circus skills,

workshops, crafts and activities galore.

Expect a gloriously magical weekend for all the family!”


Street Theatre & Storytelling


This year we are proud to present street theatre pieces from two Yorkshire based companies. The first is  – ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ – from the utterly brilliant Them Two Dance which sees two characters embark on a journey astride their tandem bicycle to encourage people to complete more Random Acts of Kindness in a series of interactive pop-up duets for families.

The second is a brand new work from the visual and physical theatre company Pif Paf entitled ‘SEED’ which is a surprising and inspiring hitch-hike on the journey from small acorns to great oaks with a Rockabilly Tree-Planting Anarcho-Nomad. Join Wilford planting trees where he shouldn’t – living in his shed and on the run from his past and his arch-enemies out to get him for his contraband seeds.

More fabulous theatre comes in the form of ‘Ecstatic Cinema’ from the Kitch & Sync Collective A theatrical comedy ‘Drive-in Movie’ experience like no other! Get your popcorn at the ready as their ditsy usherettes welcome you into the weird and wacky world of ‘Ecstatic Cinematic’. Expect a cabaret of surreal characters, quirky choreography, toe-tapping tunes and a dressing-up box bursting with enough vintage clobber to make your gran proud!

Underneath the Stars Festival is especially delighted to host a most honoured guest, the wonderful ‘Madam Bridget’ who will be enthralling all comers with her tall tales, soaring songs, slight-of-hand trickery and astounding feats of mind reading which will have your jaws hitting the floor.

A unique and innovative art installation will be at Underneath the Stars this year. ‘Between Stillness and Storm’ is a brand new collaborative work by Aidan Moesby and Tim Shaw, produced by Kerry Harker, supported by Unlimited Impact and funded by Spirit of 2012. Aiming to provoke contemplation and wonder, Between Stillness and Storm presents a large-scale sculptural installation generating audio and visual responses to changing weather conditions, in both daylight and at night. The installation combines traditional and contemporary techniques for ‘sensing’ the weather. Through analogue and digital equipment such as weather balloons, anemometers and solar panels, harnessed to equipment such as microphones and flip dots, these atmospheric effects are converted to audio visual content. The installation utilises the weather itself as a source of power and operates entirely off-grid. We can’t wait to see it in action!

> > > The five pieces of work listed above are all supported by the Northern Festivals Network and Arts Council England

We’ve got even more street theatre! this time from the wonderful minds at Unlimited Theatre – How I Hacked My Way Into Space tells the frankly, bizarre inspirational story of a 42 year old man’s midlife crisis creative adventure to hack his way into space from his garden shed in St Albans, via the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, to Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas and a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida. How I Hacked… is a show about technology and art coming together, the power of stories to create new realities and the thin lines between obsession and madness. It’s about the glorious possibilities for scientists and artists to work together and how even the smallest person can make a difference and achieve their seemingly impossible dreams.

> > > How I Hacked My Way Into Space is presented in association with and supported by The Civic, Barnsley

“Walk the Lines” – a firm favourite at every Underneath the Stars Festival – Author/illustrator Mark Fraser will once again be bringing his books to life, with help from his fairies and YOU! This year Mark will be joined by Guy and Juli from “Tell a Vision” who have created a magical combination of storytelling and shadow puppetry which is an ancient form of storytelling using the oldest type of puppetry in the world.

Cannon Hall Open Farm


The award winning open farm is one of the best family visitor attractions in the UK, and we feel is an ideal location for a lovely festival! It’s a world of animal magic where thousands of baby animals are born every year. Enjoy the excitement of placing a bet on the sheep and ferret racing and learn how milk is produced during our goat and cow milking demonstrations. You’ll find a wide variety of animals from rare breeds of cows, pigs, donkeys, ponies and sheep to more exotic species like llamas, alpacas and even reindeer! If it’s raining outside (which it won’t!) you can dive into the spectacular, new indoor play area with a great hive of tunnels, dramatic slides and cannons. Sandwiched between the Open farm and the main festival site you will also find a friendly farm restaurant serving home cooked meals and snacks all day as well as the most amazing super-deli you have ever seen. Nom!

Circus Skills


Brand new for this year we will have the incredible “Panic Circus” leading an array of circus skills workshops and activities from their purpose built, stripy big-top tent – this is where you will find the festival organising team, working on their clown routine and juggling fire whilst standing on the shoulders of a unicylist!.. seriously

Workshops for all the Family


Get up and participate in our Workshop area this year! There’ll be plenty to stretch your body and your brain with introductory sessions in Tai Chi, Ukulele, Clog Dancing, Percussion, Swing Dance, Harmony Singing, Dry-stone Walling, Mosaic Art, Rag Rugging and tons more.

Also, especially for our younger star-gazers, we are delighted to welcome back ‘Emma’s Crafty Kids’, who will be running a riotous range of craft activities from “role up yer sleeves it’s time to get messy!” stuff, to “I’d just like to sit and sing a nice song please” type stuff. Throughout the weekend ‘Amanda’s Rhythm ‘n’ Rhyme song time’ will be dropping in to lead a singsong and play a few games.