Walk the Lines – Storytelling

Expect fun, laughter, amazement, disbelief and wonder at the fantastic story tent for Underneath the Stars 2019.

Enter the world of Author/Illustrator, Mark Fraser, who has been with us from the VERY BEGINNING! And each year he still captivates us all (yes, including the adults!!!) with his thrilling stories.

This year, he is bringing so much more to the festival… He has hand-picked SEVEN other storytellers to join him to tell us stories of their own… #tooexcited. So who do we have this year:

– Helen Wilson is a singer, songwriter poet and author based in Cheshire. She is passionate about teaching children to listen to their hearts through the messages in her stories and songs. When finished, they will have faith that it is entirely possible to achieve their dreams.

– Nicole Earley is a Steiner teacher, singer, poet and storyteller based in Bristol. She believes in sharing the connections to nature with children and the wonder of being joyfully present.

– Rachel Hazler and Ruth Hogg – Hogg and Hazel Understories. Rachel studied permaculture/environment, and with Ruth, they have tales from the natural world, literally from the ground up!

– Kevin Murdoch and George Goulding are actors and writers from Salisbury, expect stories of pirates, magic and so much more.

AND FINALLY… Mark himself!!!

“I have been with Underneath the Stars for many years, one of my all time favourite festivals. I will be bringing with me not just the wonderful people above but original tales of bravery, tragedy, love, loss, treasures and ice creams.

Featuring many different characters, I will use puppetry, performance and prancing around to bring the stories to life. I am also an author, illustrator and performer. The fruits of my labours are available to all in the story tent. On Saturday and Sunday between 3 and 5 the story team will assemble and share our tales with the delightful people of Underneath the Stars. At other times it will be just me, or in the evening, dark tales from the legendary Jacob Cracker, with his slightly spooky weird tales from the man who has wandered the world for over two hundred years.”

Find Mark’s den and lookout for his blackboard for performance times throughout the weekend. Be sure to view his wonderful books and illustrations at www.markfraser-storyteller.com.

You may even find a very special, festival story – ‘The Dance Under The Stars’.