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Day: Sunday
Stage: Planets Stage
Time: Evening

Kate Rusby

Kate Rusby holds a special place in the hearts of UTSf. As many of you will know, the festival is named after one of her most famous songs and put together by the family production team that runs her record company and supports her live work. We each have our own reasons why Kate and her music touches us and has seen her become one of the most famous and best selling English female artists of recent years, one who has stayed true to her love of folk and its traditions, whilst winning mainstream appeal over a career spanning more than 25 years.

Forever proud to call herself a folk singer, Kate’s beautiful, expressive vocals never fail to connect the emotional heart of a song to that of her audience. The crossover appeal Kate enjoys is unprecedented for a folk singer and has been achieved without resort to compromise. Rusby’s wondrous singing and hugely engaging Yorkshire wit and the intuitive support of the band ensure that audiences will be treated to a truly remarkable and unforgettable concert experience.

Audiences are sure to be thoroughly entertained by Kate’s choice of much-loved classics from her back catalogue stretching over her two decades of music making together with a selection of fresh new songs from her album due for release in 2019.