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Day: Saturday

Ruth Notman & Sam Kelly

Two of the finest young singers to have emerged from the UK folk scene in the past 15 years have unexpectedly joined forces to record a dynamic duo album that promises to be one of the most exciting releases of 2019. Ruth Notman and Sam Kelly have signed to the Pure Records label, fusing their celebrated talents on Changeable Heart, to be released March 15th 2019. In the producer’s seat is the innovative Damien O’Kane, known for his brilliant refashioning of traditional songs.

Recorded at Kate Rusby’s legendary Pure Records studio, the album features six new takes on traditional songs and covers of Ewan MacColl and Paul Brady classics. Notman has penned the poignant As You Find Your Way Home while Notman and Kelly have written a stand-out, mainstream-nudging title track.

Rich and revivalist, these are songs of love from every perspective – spurned love, fragile love, brave love, saucy love and arrangers O’Kane, Notman and Kelly aren’t afraid to break taboos and put a unique stamp on some of the best known traditional songs in the folk canon.