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Once in a Blue Moon Cafe

We are truly excited to announce that Once In A Blue Moon Cafe is returning to our little festival in 2019! Whooooop!

Once in a Blue Moon Cafe is a nomadic food & drink, music, arts and wellbeing space. They create a welcoming environment in which to relax with a hot drink and a bite to eat, take part in a workshop, learn from a talk, perform in an open mic or carry on the party late into the night!

Not only this, they provide a stunning full menu of delicious organic treats and unique vegan friendly meals which are inspired by their travels across the world (including indulgent late night cheese toasties). That’s not to mention their Choco-Coconut Chai, a winner amongst curious kids and adults alike. Nom nom nom.

A few things that are likely to be on the cards from our fav cafe:

Skovva Upcycling Workshop
Skovva engage in upcycling and creation using old fabrics to create new useful ones. Proceeds are given to refugee charities.

Natural Movement
Connor helps change people’s lives with movement that the human body was designed to do. For adults this would include playful movement to get them back in touch with their inner child, strength and flexibility, and help to enhance and perfect the movement they are already capable of doing. This is in the basis of natural and efficient movement much like Parkour but with a twist. Combined with teaching the natural and creative movement will be educating people on health and well-being and to re-establish their connection with nature.

Capoeira Angola
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, music and acrobatics. A form of physical expression, a game of capoeira lets people push each other to the limit of playfulness! We can either offer basic workshops, or a more advanced workshop with a demonstration roda (circle with music and people playing) to captivate people.

Yoga with Anna (same teacher as last year)
Yoga allows us to link our mind, body and breath drawing our attention inwards finding balance for the body and the mind. Classes are laid back, energetic with an open vibe. Everyone is welcome from beginners to the more experienced yogis. Classes are open to all – everybody gets to move easily from right where they are. You’ll get strong, dissolve stress and accomplish challenges with ease! This is a freedom flow. You’ll feel radiantly healthy and happy from the inside out.

Hang drum
Joe teaches the use of hang drum as an instrument in intimate sessions designed to focus on the persons natural ear. No music theory or prior knowledge is required! Around 3 people at a time will learn basic rhythms and how they can be transferred to the handpan, how rhythm can be counted, scale patterns, transferring rhythm into melody and how the instrument was created.

Creative writing (festival themed)
Discover your inner author with this creative writing workshop.

Childrens Arts & Crafts
Fabric Painting, recycled crafts, interactive fun.

Gong meditation/Soundbath
Gong baths enable a beautiful meditative experience. The auditory stimuli of the gong bath process lead to entrainment, a form of beneficially modified brainwave frequencies. Perfect first thing in the morning to welcome people into the day.

Well that sounds ruddy marvellous! Welcome back lovely folk of Once in a Blue Moon Cafe. This year is going to be fab!


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