WIN!!!! Competition to win goodies!

Did you know it is #InternationalCrosswordDay on Friday 21st December?! Well…We thought we would have a bit of fun and create a little crossword competition for you. Entries are now open!

We will be announcing the winner via our social channels and on our website on #InternationalCrosswordDay. This gives you a week!

What will you win? Well, we are giving away a bundle of UTSf goodies, including a full weekend ticket to our 2019 festival! If you have bought your tickets already, you can now invite someone else to enjoy it with you! Maybe someone who hasn’t experienced Underneath the Stars before. 👍

(but…you can keep the goodies…well it is Christmas!🎄)

We are sure you can guess the theme… Yep, all the answers have something to do with our festival. 🎪✨

Once you have completed the puzzle, there are 2 acts that we have had at our past festivals to unscramble – one highlighted in red and one highlighted in yellow.

Once you have the answers, enter the competition, by simply clicking here.

Good luck stargazers!


This puzzle was put together by the UTSf team, some answers are cryptic, some are hard, some are easy, some you might have to do a little research. 😜



1. A flimsy material for a sailing vessel, sings Kate
5. You’ll need these to spot something in a flood, or to see partly in our second stage
8. Find a farm building within this fantastic town
9. In Yorkshire, we consider them bogs
11. A very young child who attends our family festival
12. Having eaten a number, or so we hear
13. Comedy – you will find a lot of this at our festival (American spelling, sorry!)
15. Garments for feet
17. A noise we may hear as we clear the cattle out of our festival field
18. Our farm might see a lot of these in the spring, without mint sauce we will add
21. The animal representing the Astrological sign for the month in which our festival falls in for 2019
23. William is showing courage
25. Home of Underneath the Stars (2 words)
27. Kate’s surname
28. You may see one of these in our festival bar
30. Flagpole
32. That swindling violinist
34. Infused drink that can only be Yorkshire
35. Father or Mother
36. Handy portable abodes



1. Our main stage orbits the sun
2. Our festival’s circus which can cause a sense of trepidation
3. Nice condiment to go with your burger
4. Beat or tempo
5. Utter rubbish, our festival is having none of it thanks to our volunteers and scouts
6. Popular stringed instruments you will find a lot at UTSf
7. They like to announce and walk 804km
10. We are hoping our title features 5 of these in reviews
14. One of the The Bar Steward of Val Doonican’s offspring
16. A traditional crafter who likes to repair things in iron
17. Our Earths natural satellite
19. Lightly, breezily, not serious
20. A super hero who loves his Yorkshire Tea
22. God’s own country
23. The boasting of an incredibly talented male goat that will be featuring in 2019
24. Caught a worm with these tickets
26. When camping in a field, expect a little of this earthy substance
29. Nearly aristocratic performer last year
31. Always good to have this to clean with
33. Our covered stages protect you from getting this

Please note:
The competition is free to enter. Only your first entry will be used in the prize draw. Any duplications of email addresses will be deleted. Competition closes at 00:00 on 20th December 2018. Winner will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page on 21st December 2018 at midday. The winner will also be stated on our website within the NEWS section.

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