LEON returns for 2019!

Alongside music, this is one of our favourite topics to discuss. Food… Mmmmmm…

Food should be an important consideration and arguably just as significant as the music and arts programming. Food is the one thing that every individual has the power to take control of at festivals. Everyone eats. Usually three times a day! (unless you count snacking, and our festival team LUUUUURRRVES to snack!!!)

The thing is, we all have a choice about how we spend our food budgets and it is really important that festival organisers make sure that the food offering meets our high expectations…

…And boy do we have a lot of expectations, and rightly so! Just because we are spending our weekend in a field, does not mean we do not expect gastronomic delights. But it needs to be affordable, there needs to be variety, it needs to fill us up, we don’t want to be served in something that contributes to landfill, we don’t wish to be waiting for hours in a queue for it, and if we do wait, we sure don’t want to reach the front to find the food has ran out!! I can speak for a lot of us when I say… we get HANGRY*

*hangry definition – bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger

Yep, we have expectations and lucky for us, festivals are listening. There are now times when we find that, alongside the music, food can also be headlining the festival too.

This is certainly the case for a particular food caterer called LEON, who attended Underneath the Stars for the first time last year, 2018, with rave reviews…

(Thanks Rachael!)

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Well Rachael, your wish is our command! 😊 We are super pleased to announce his return for 2019! Hurrah!

For over 35 years, LEON has been credited with bringing scrumptious vegetarian food to festivals. Leon Lewis gave up his job as a Mathematics teacher at Brentwood School, Essex to become a vegetarian caterer in 1980 with an aim to impress as many taste buds as possible with his international gourmet vegetarian delights. Using healthy ingredients such as handpicked wild food, fresh fruit, vegetables and high quality wholefoods, Leon has consistently provided mouth watering food for thousands of people each year at festivals.

We asked him to let us in on 5 interesting facts that not many people know. The answers were brilliant and we had to tell you…

Over to you Leon:

1. “Back in 1983 at the Lyng Midsummer Dream Fair, Donovan couldn’t get on the stage, so I lent him my ladder to climb up onto the stage so he didn’t miss his performance!”

2. “I served 1318 large plates of food on the Saturday of WOMAD in Reading in 2001. I don’t remember the day that much as it was all a bit of a blur. When I took down my stall, the ground was so flat from how many times I had walked round the space.”

3. “My stall has been at every Cropredy festival since 1981…. And this was only because my application was rejected in 1980.”

4. “I have fed Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson, Steeleye Span, Feast of Fiddles, Pentangle, Oysterband, Ralph McTell, Albion Christmas Band, Show of Hands, UB40, Robert Plant, Keith Donnelly, Jon Boden, Kathryn Tickell and many other folk royalty.”

5. “I studied mathematics at Cambridge University and I do intensive statistical analysis to predict the number of plates of salad and curries I am likely to serve on each day of each festival! Needless to say, I am generally wrong!”

Awwww we love the last one Leon. Thanks for those.

All the food Leon sells is homemade. He uses a lot of wild food such as nettles, samphire, mushrooms, vine leaves, wild garlic and fruit from the hedgerows.

Don’t think you will be left hungry, the plates to which Leon serves his tasty food on are ten inches wide!!!! This means a whole lot of delicious grub!

The main thing we love about Leon (apart from his food) is his wonderfully friendly nature. He is such a lovely person with an incredible passion for food. Mix this with his expertise and professionalism and it is the perfect blend for success.

So, please visit Leon at our festival or at any other festival he will be serving this year – see here.

Leon… we will see you very sooooooooon… 🎪🍽

We hope you can join us this year. If you are looking to camp, check out our 37 handy tips to make your experience the best it can be! 😊🏕

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