Hello to all you Creative Crafters and Fabulous Foodies.

Whether you would like to join us in the MAKERS’ MARKET, TRADERS’ WALK or deliver YUMMY FOOD on site you are in the right place.


Hello keen creative crafters and delightfully dextrous designers. We are very pleased to say applications are now open for UTSf2018. (and we are very sorry for the delay caused by our site move this year!)

We have a new indoor MAKERS MARKET for 2018, for those traders wishing to trade within a marquee structure. This will be a trestle table craft fair format for artisans and makers trading their handmade goods. Please follow this link to the MAKER’S MARKET application form.

For traders wishing to trade from their own structure or trade from a pre-pitched stand alone tent we now have a new TRADER’S WALK  area of our festival site. Please follow this link to the TRADER’S WALK application form.

There are a small number of pitches available to crafts people who wish to offer their time to demonstrate and lead interactive workshops as part of our CRAFTS VILLAGE. These crafts people also have permissions to trade a small number of goods as part of their pitch. These pitches are by invitation only – our eagle eyed fairy scouts will be out and about and if we find suitable crafters for these pitches we will be in touch.

For any further information you can contact the festival via the contact page of the website

Hello fabulous food friends. If you would like to trade at our festival please complete our caterers application form – please click here

The festival is seeking and will prioritise applications seeming to best reflect our values, which include: fair and ethical trading; environmental sustainability; unique creative food and products; value for money to customers; freshly prepared healthy street food using quality local produce; satisfying a variety of dietary requirements including vegetarians and those with allergies, accessible menus and service for those with disabilities.