Trading applications are now LIVE!

It’s crazy to think that people attending festivals no longer base their decision on JUST the musical offering. Recent years have seen festival organisers realise that their punters are no longer satisfied with sweaty burgers from the freezer or greasy portions of chips. The food offerings are just as important.

Festivals have really had to up their game and the food stalls you now find at these events serve everything from authentic Thai street food to high-end “posh hot dogs”.

But there is so much more to think about as a Festival Director. Catering for everyones dietary requirements is just as important as variety. Burgers, hot dogs, hog roasts are all well and good, but where are the veggie and vegan options? Is there enough variety for folk with gluten intolerance? What about the little people… are kids expected to eat that Pomegranate and Balsamic Glazed Shoulder of Lamb with Saffron Couscous or is there an offering of some good old spaghetti bolognese – kids portion size of course!

Happy punter at Underneath the Stars 2018

Price is such an important factor too. Punters generally go with a certain amount of money to spend. No matter how good the food is, if it is too expensive, it simply won’t be bought. Not a great experience for any festival goer who cannot afford to buy a £12 pulled pork burger!!! Striking the right balance between quality and cost is a must.

So many things to get right, and thanks to our audience providing feedback, we are just about getting there with our food offerings. One of the main things that we would love to improve on over the next year is supporting our caterers with sourcing locally. It is so so so important. We are also hot on environmentally friendly plates, cutlery, etc… which all street food vans must adhere to.

We do try and offer a diverse range for the more venturesome festival goer, but after speaking to a lot of people on social media, we realise that maybe it is good to keep a few basics – like a nice sandwich van that serves egg mayonaise sandwiches. We have to credit the wonderful Vanessa Levell from our recent facebook post for this fab suggestion.

Keeping some stalls simple could be key

Pies have also been a hot topic of discussion. Here in Yorkshire, we absolutely love our pie and peas. Maybe we can find someone who fancies giving our festival a whirl with their pie-tasticness. Thanks to Sharon Maguire for her wondrously persuasive comments on Instagram, and to Janey Narewska for seconding the vote for pies!

Pork pie with mushy peas and mint sauce, a favourite of ours at UTSf HQ 🤤🙌

Well… applications are now LIVE. If anyone would like to trade with us (including non food stands) please don’t hesitate to bob us an email or click here for more info.

We have seen street food vans in the shape of fire engines, gondolas, caravans, horse boxes and even locomotives come through our gates. One thing we can say is that we have been blessed with some fantastic grub. Who knows what 2019 will bring?! We have well and truly entered the revolution in British street food. Very exciting times!


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